Liana of Live Practically PT is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (in-person and online), TLS Weight Loss Coach, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Liana works with her clients in their homes to provide a practical approach to exercise. She shows them that there is no space too small to get their workout on! Most of her clients opt to see her 2-3 times per week, and are also given “homework” workouts to complete throughout the week. To go along with exercise, many of Liana’s clients participate in a TLS program with customized meal plans, supplements, and education to learn how to eat right to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

Package pricing can vary based on the client’s needs, goals, and location. The most common packages are as follows:

8 sessions : $550
12 sessions : $750

There are other options, but Liana always offers a FREE consultation and fitness assessment to any potential clients. This allows the client to have face time with Liana to see what she’s all about, and also to allow Liana to build a program based on their current fitness level.

For more questions or training inquiries, please contact Liana at livepracticallypt@gmail.com