TLS Training Weekend

I spent my weekend getting seriously educated. Not just on TLS or the business model, but nutrition in general.

The first day was somewhat basic. It’s a training class for anyone–business owners or their guests who are thinking about participating in the TLS program to change their lives.  I learned more from these people than from the trained and certified coaches. The questions they asked are things that I never really would have thought of. Questions about diabetes, their heart diseases, etc.

There was a story told about a woman who has always been, what we “in the industry” like to call Skinny Fat that really resonated with me. This is a person who is thin, weighs, say, 120 lbs, and appears to be in shape, but has a doughnut for breakfast every morning, a Chipotle burrito for lunch, and pizza for dinner. They may be thin on the outside, but think about how unhealthy they are on the inside. Anyway, this woman in the (true) story called her friend, who happens to be a TLS coach, to tell her she was just diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Unimaginable is what I’m sure you’re thinking.  But diabetes is all about the sugar you’re eating and what you’re eating to poison your body.

This story hit me hard. As someone who is always on the move, hopping from client location to client location, sometimes, in the confines of my own home, I am not the image of health. I’m not talking the once a year doughnut, I’m talking the few-times-a-week Ramen Noodles, the daily granola bar with a ridiculous amount of sugar, etc. And, like Oprah, I LOVE BREAD.  But now it’s Monday, and I’m officially trying a grain-free lifestyle until Christmas to see how I feel. This just goes to show that TLS is for everyone, not just people looking to lose weight. It isn’t about pounds, it’s about your health.

Day 2 of training was just for business owners (i.e. Me!). This is less interesting for those reading, I’m sure, but it was great to learn more about how the business model works. I advise anyone who goes through any TLS program to consider becoming a business owner. It’s something I like to talk about with my clients after they’ve seen success, or even to people who are just looking for additional income.

All in all, there is still more learning to be done, but I’m more excited than ever to take on this business venture and work with my clients on nutrition, not just fitness.

To learn more about TLS, go to my TLS site or contact me directly!

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